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Ubud’s classic Hujan Locale serves one hell of a great dinner, but they’ve cornered the market on upscale Indonesian and Pan-Asian food in town for years. Ibu Susu says: no more. After 5 years honing his skills in Melbourne, owner Ketut came back to Bali to build his dream restaurant—and his dream is our blessing. Ibu Susu translate’s to Mother’s Milk, as in: this is the nourishment we all need. We couldn’t agree more.

Ibu Susu’s menu is full of bright colors and bold, complex flavors—their spicy papaya and pomelo salad is like a rainbow in your mouth. Dishes like their steamed buns are pure satisfaction: fluffy, pillowy buns filled with smoky pork belly (ask for veg options, too—this mother’s milk is for everyone). Oh, and did we mention their cocktails? No? Well, here goes: they are f****ng amazing. Check out their julep with apple-infused whiskey poured over fresh snakefruit.

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